Things I’ve eaten on my travels (Part 1)

Rattlesnake, Texas
In a cowboy bar where, to be fair, the lights were low and I was attempting to avoid the line-dancing. So I ate some deep-fried rattlesnake, as you do.
Taste-Like-Chicken-o-Meter? Surprisingly high

Jellyfish, Hong Kong
My then-wife said that I had to eat it because A) her uncle had put it into my bowl and it would be rude to refuse it and B) she sure as heck wasn’t going to eat it.
Taste-Like-Chicken-o-Meter? If a chicken was made of rubber bands and then boiled

Bear, Sweden
I once visited a bear park in central Sweden, a wilderness area given over to the protection and conservation of brown bears. They wined and dined us in the on-site restaurant afterwards. It honestly never occurred to me that they would do that.
Taste-Like-Chicken-o-Meter? I’m still in denial, but just guessing that bear tastes nothing like chicken

Puffin, Iceland
I was very, very, very, very drunk, which I can tell you, is the only way to tackle a puffin, alive or dead.
Taste-Like-Chicken-o-Meter? Jesus no, I would say more like the contents of a trawler’s bilge

Whale, Iceland
What is it with the bloody Icelanders? Get a man drunk, feed him very small horrible things, followed by a very horrible steak of a very big thing. I am a very bad man.
Taste-Like-Chicken-o-Meter? No memory after the puffin, but I suspect a house-sized cetacean doesn’t taste much like a barnyard creature



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