Goths, vamps and ghouls in Whitby

Come Halloween in Whitby and the ghouls are out – and the vamps, and werewolves, and Goths, and zombies, and pirates, and zombie pirates, and zombie Goth pirates . . . basically, if you either are dead or look dead, then the North Yorkshire seaside town is the place for you on the biggest Fright Night of the year.

The town has an impeccable horror pedigree – it is after all where Dracula’s ship ran aground in Bram Stoker’s novel, with the Count bounding up the 199 steps to the abbey in the shape of a sinister black dog.

The Goths caught on to Whitby’s horror heritage in the 1990s, and turned Halloween weekend into one of the world’s biggest Goth events – these days, with an added dash of Steampunk and a liberal dose of zombie for good measure.

Whitby Abbey is illuminated at night for the occasion. There are bands and street markets, fishermen’s pubs full of top hats and capes, Goth beach football, and the greatest collection of trick-or-treat costumes this side of, well . . .the Other Side.

It’s a blast every year, and I love going. But have you ever been? I’d love to hear your story.

Meantime, take a look at the video I shot at the October 2015 Goth Weekend – full of the most amazing characters, all dressed up and (some of them at least) ready to kill.

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