How far can you travel for 99p / 99c?

All this week on Amazon – how about a trip to Iceland, New Zealand, Scotland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Arizona, Portland, Montenegro, Rome, Belgrade, Ghana, Spain, Portugal, Tehran, Boston, Hawaii, China, Budapest, Sicily and the Giant’s Causeway?

Oh, and Huddersfield, obviously.

Join travel writer Jules Brown in the journey of a lifetime – his lifetime.

Takoradi to the Stars (via Huddersfield) is 99p / 99c on Amazon until 28 August.

Buy here!

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia

Reviewers say:

Great read from a writer who inherited his love of travel and adventure from his father, and who knows how to share his experiences with his readers.

An inspiration to travellers – I revelled in Jules Brown’s rich descriptions of unusual trips through Canada, the USA, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

Unlike many travel books, you really feel that the author has really visited each place that he talks about, he has caught the bus, walked the streets and eaten the food. The tips that he shares makes you think that you could follow his footsteps with ease. A delightful book to enjoy.

His style of writing is informative whilst remaining chatty and intimate, like having a friend telling you of their travel adventures, highlighting both funny stories and disasters. Jules writes with his heart and soul so one can imagine being there too.

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