A wild walk on the Giant’s Causeway

The Irish giant of myth and legend Finn MacCool built stepping stones across to Scotland to avoid getting his feet wet – a thing that all giants hate, or so it’s told. Now, historians will tell you that Finn didn’t exist, and geologists have some extremely boring explanations for the extraordinary basalt columns of the Antrim Coast, but frankly they are all just plain wrong. Stand on the otherworldly column stacks of the Northern Ireland coast and tell me giants weren’t involved somehow.

The full story of my journey along this remarkable part of the Irish coastline is contained right here in the video:

It’s a day full of surprises, from ‘Game of Thrones’ film locations to deserted, windswept beaches – and I even find time to get a bit cross at the National Trust, who care for this place but manage to cock up the catering arrangements. All turns out well in the end though, and if you’ve never seen the coastline here in all its glory, then you’re in for a treat.

And just to show I’ve forgiven them, here’s the link to the National Trust website for all the information you need to visit the Giant’s Causeway for yourself.

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