On the Captain Cook trail – southern seas

Captain James Cook – England’s greatest ever navigator and explorer – is forever associated with the three extraordinary voyages he undertook to the Pacific between 1768 and 1779. Over the years, I’ve been following him around the world myself, from his birthplace and early years in northern England to the Hawaiian beach where he met… Continue Reading

Pining for Norfolk Island, Australia

The towering pine trees of Norfolk Island must have been a welcome sight for the sailors on Captain Cook’s ship ‘Resolution’, as they ventured ever further on their extraordinary voyage. Sited in the Pacific between Australia and New Zealand, the small island was a useful landfall anyway, quite apart from supplying the long, straight timbers… Continue Reading

Timeless Australian desert

I took my first trip to Australia in 1998. That was last century. That’s basically history. No smart phone, no digital camera, just a point-and-shoot compact. Got the films developed, put the photos in an album and never really looked at them again. Until now. It’s the colours that still astound me. ‘Desert red’ is… Continue Reading