Alone on Alicudi

The island of Alicudi – an extinct volcano off Sicily’s north coast – rises out the Mediterranean, forming an almost perfect cone. Twenty years ago, there was no electricity here. There are still no real roads, only a couple of hundred inhabitants and a few dozen houses. Meat and provisions come in boat. So does… Continue Reading

Turn right at Tuscany

If you love writing, and you love Italy, you’re going to love my friend Glynis Charlton, a very talented creative writer with an equal passion for words and travel. She’s found a fabulous place in Umbria – I hesitate to call it a hidden gem – where she offers creative writing courses, and if you… Continue Reading

From London to Sicily, with love

One of my favourite bloggers, Veronica di Grigoli, writes with wit and passion about her adopted home of Sicily. Her hugely enjoyable blog – The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife – is a joyous ode to that amazing island, and anyone planning on visiting (or living in) Sicily should definitely give it a… Continue Reading

5 great reasons to visit Sardinia

My old colleague and co-writer from the ‘Rough Guide to Sicily’, Rob Andrews, has recently launched a holiday company – Sardinian Experiences – specialising in holidays in Sardinia. Somehow this island gets overlooked, even by Italophiles, but as Rob’s a real Sardinia expert, I’ve invited him to guest blog and show you the best of… Continue Reading

Sicily in black and white

Sicily has dazzling colours – carpets of spring flowers, a glinting blue Mediterranean sea, bright majolica-tiled church domes, gleaming fruit and veg in its kaleidoscopic markets. But there’s a monochrome Sicily that we learned from the movies, whether it’s the scenes of Vito Corleone’s childhood life in ‘The Godfather’ or Ingrid Bergman gambolling around in… Continue Reading