A Ramblas survival guide for brilliant Barcelona

Walk down the Ramblas – Barcelona’s main old town promenade – and you’re presented with one of the greatest free shows in Europe. Musicians, magicians, human statues, flower-sellers, strolling couples, pavement cafés, theatre-goers, jewellery-sellers, portrait-painters, caged birds, newspaper stalls, souvenirs, shoppers, drinkers, backpackers and beggars – it seems like the whole of human life is … Continue Reading

David Beckham, Mallorca and me

The winding road up the Cap Formentor peninsula hugs precipitous cliffs, with a deep blue sea far below. It twists and turns for 20km, barely wide enough for two cars – and sometimes almost doubling back on itself – before ending at a bulbous, craggy summit topped by a soaring white lighthouse. We stand at… Continue Reading

Miró in Mallorca

Where to go on an escape from Palma on a spring trip to Mallorca? Just down the coast to the studio built in the 1950s for that great Catalan artist Joan Miró, whose family was from the island. In whitewashed rooms hang giant, colourful doodles – of animals, birds, suns, moons and stars – in… Continue Reading