Biking in Budapest

We rented an apartment in the Jewish quarter of Budapest and at the bottom of the staircase were two old boneshaker bikes, padlocked to the iron railings, that came with the apartment. They barely looked rideable – no gears, dodgy brakes, a bit old-fashioned. One had a bell and basket, while the other was –… Continue Reading

The best pubs in Dublin – Sláinte!

Here’s a 64,000-euro question – which bar in Dublin serves the best pint of Guinness? Luckily, you don’t have to give me 64,000 big ones – I have selflessly been and gone to Dublin to check out the contenders, and bundled the winners all together in a nifty little video. Check out my absolute personal… Continue Reading

A wild walk on the Giant’s Causeway

The Irish giant of myth and legend Finn MacCool built stepping stones across to Scotland to avoid getting his feet wet – a thing that all giants hate, or so it’s told. Now, historians will tell you that Finn didn’t exist, and geologists have some extremely boring explanations for the extraordinary basalt columns of the… Continue Reading

A flocking brilliant murmuration

We’ve got wildlife in the UK, though it’s more at the deer-and-badger end of the spectrum than lions and tigers and bears (oh my). I’ve seen the wild cattle of Chillingham, and puffins on the cliffs at Bempton, and gazed from Scottish highland crags and Norfolk beaches over basking seals at sunset. Each in its… Continue Reading