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Mark Ellingham, founder of Rough Guides & publisher of ‘Driving over Lemons’


I’m Jules Brown, long-time Rough Guide author and travel writer, and this is where I share my personal travel stories, adventures and experiences.

I’ve been a pro travel writer for over 30 years, writing books and features for publishers, newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites. You might even have had one of my guidebooks along for the ride in your travel bag – in which case, happy to have helped!

Welcome to stories about my travelling life – I hope you enjoy reading them. And wherever you’re from, and wherever you’re going, enjoy the journey!

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In the European-wide summer heatwave of July 2019, while sensible people stayed indoors, put their heads in the fridge and watched endless re-runs of Frozen, I spent nine days on trains across Europe, visiting nine cities in nine countries.

Why? Good question.

Find out in Not Cool: Europe by Train in a Heatwave – the new comedy travel memoir by Jules Brown.

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