Out now! The new eBook by Jules Brown

Takoradi to the stars (via Huddersfield)

‘Takoradi to the stars (via Huddersfield)’ is a heartwarming search for home and identity by a seasoned traveller with a quirky take on travel writing. In 25 personal stories and experiences, Jules chooses byways over highways every time – whether travelling for the job, or following in the footsteps of his one-of-a-kind father.

Come and join me on a new journey. One that starts in Takoradi, Ghana, in West Africa, where I was born, and then ventures out around the world from the English town of Huddersfield where I grew up. These two unsung places are the sort of towns that people leave, especially if they have travel in their blood. They have nothing in common, except for me, but the further I’ve travelled from both, the more I’ve wondered where home – and heart – lies. Jules Brown

What they say

Jules’ travel writing is funny, inspiring, quirky and always engaging. His blog is great but reading the cream of his travels in book form is even more fun.  Mark Ellingham, founder of Rough Guides & publisher of ‘Driving over Lemons’

Jules has a rare observational talent. These short travel tales are really very good – passionate, engaging and entertaining. Phil Ascough, journalist, author, media/PR consultant

The best kind of travel companion – funny, informed and always up for an adventure. Read this book! Martin Dunford, Rough Guides founder & Cool Places publisher

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