Giant snails and soccer magazines – at the market in Kumasi, Ghana

Kumasi has the largest outdoor market in West Africa. It’s big in the way that towns are big. It’s basically a city in its own right, and you can get lost in a heartbeat.

Luckily, if you’re a guest at Chris and Charity Scott’s excellent Four Villages Inn, you can take a personal walking tour with Comfort – she’s a member of staff at the inn and knows every twist and turn (and most of the stall-holders too).

You’ll see people sewing school uniforms, fixing shoes with old car tyres, butchering chickens, grinding peanuts, picking through giant snails and carrying precariously balanced bundles on their heads – all stuff you definitely don’t see at my local hometown market.

I came home with way too much woven cloth, a stack of local football magazines and some hardcore Ghanaian hip-hop CDs.

I still think it was one of the most extraordinary trips I’ve ever made. And Comfort is an absolute gem – don’t miss spending time in her company in one of the most vibrant markets on earth.

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4 thoughts on “Giant snails and soccer magazines – at the market in Kumasi, Ghana

    1. Fair enough! The pic I didn’t get – a lot more palatable – was of the giant mounds of peanut butter that they use to make groundnut stew, basically a spicy chicken and peanut stew. How does that sound?

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