Mooching around in Melaka

Of all the cities in Malaysia, it’s Melaka (Malacca) on the west coast that has my heart. It’s an on-foot, by-bike, by-boat kind of city – my kind of place, easy to see in a day or two – and makes a compelling stop en route to or from Singapore.

Conquered, occupied and colonised by the Portuguese, Dutch and British – it only became part of Malaya (later Malaysia) in 1946 – there’s a tangible European feel here, that some like and others dislike in equal measure.

Churches old and new, faded tilework, an atmospheric river, and those wonderful pastel colours lend it that timeworn colonial feel that you also once got in Macau (and still do in parts of Lisbon).

But the steaming heat, searing blue skies, night markets and street shrines are very much a part of Southeast Asia, and from the ethnic Chinese-Malay Baba-Nyonya population comes some of the best food in the region.

Mooch around the winding streets of the old town, slurp up a bowl of laksa, or catch a breeze on an afternoon river cruise, and let Melaka work its magic.

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5 thoughts on “Mooching around in Melaka

    1. Oh me too! First time I went, I thought it would be a sort of Thailand-lite, nice but unexciting. How wrong was I! I fell in love with the food and the gentle people, and thought the towns and cities were utterly charming. Must go back one day.

  1. Gorgeous post which brings back such nostalgic memories. Melaka was (almost) my favourite place in Malaysia, too, (beaten only by the Cameron Highlands). I loved the lazy, laid back atmosphere and the beautiful old buildings. Your photo collection reminded me of so many things, the way even the hot and humid air is different there…. ahhh….. I am wafting off on a major nostalgia trip…….

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