Trust me, I’m a travel writer

Let’s say you were going to write some new travel books, and design and launch a new travel publishing website to promote them. Would you A) take the current temperature of the world in turmoil and decide not to do any of that or B) . . .?

I’ve gone with B.

Trust me, I’m a travel writer. I’m thankfully safe and healthy, and though there’s no travelling to be done, I can still write.

And while you can read, you can dream. And while you can dream, you can plan. And one day the world will open for business again. Maybe not business as usual, and maybe not the world as it was. But there will still be writers, and there will still be readers, dreamers and planners, and the world will need us all as it springs back to life. The world will require re-linking and re-connecting, and travel will be at the heart of that.

Trust Me globe logo - raw copy

So I give you Trust-Me Travel, the new publishing website devoted to my travel books and guides.

You are the first to read about it, because I made it for people like you – curious travellers, dreamers and planners. Readers, bloggers and writers with a yearning to wander. Armchair adventurers. Backpackers, weekenders and globetrotters.

I’m still going to blog here at Jules Told Me, and share my travels and adventures. But now I’ve also got a shiny new website to showcase my forthcoming books and guides.

So come on in. Treat ‘Trust-Me Travel’ like a new home. Push open the front door, poke around in the rooms, open the cupboards, have a look in the attic. I think you’ll like it. You can hang out there for as long as you like – no really, hold on to the keys, you never know when you might want to come back. There are books on the shelves, ideas in the drawers and inspiration in the wardrobes. Just take what you need and leave the rest for the next curious traveller.

Ready to read and dream and plan?

Trust-Me Travel – new travel books and guides by Jules Brown. Please share the link with your friends and family.

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