Timeless Australian desert

I took my first trip to Australia in 1998. That was last century. That’s basically history. No smart phone, no digital camera, just a point-and-shoot compact. Got the films developed, put the photos in an album and never really looked at them again. Until now.

It’s the colours that still astound me. ‘Desert red’ is like no other red, veering off into ochres and mauves and purples and goodness only knows what else. There’s a crisp light and a eye-bleedingly bright sky, and there are flourishing plants, trees and flowers – it’s not what I expected from a desert.

These images offer a tiny speck of timelessness – 16 years is not very long in desert time – but you suspect that Uluru, the Olgas and the Devil’s Marbles won’t look much different in 160 years time or even 1,600.


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