The art of Pompeii

The buildings, the streets, the walls – the very physical essence of Pompeii – you expect. This is a town that was overwhelmed in a catastrophic instant, the very name a byword for archaeological ruins that still impress by their sheer scale today.

But the art? This – for me – was an intoxicating surprise. Carved reliefs, frescoes, mosaics, tiling – even shop signs – intact after 2,000 years.

I think that’s an extraordinary thing, and I spent hours here this summer, wondering about those ordinary lives lived long ago.

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9 thoughts on “The art of Pompeii

  1. Oh what lovely photos!!! I have been meaning to go back to Pompeii for about 20 years. I really have no excuse, it’s so near me!!!
    Your lovely post has got me looking into ferry prices right away!
    BTW I think you need to add a “Facebook share” link to your posts. Just sayin’.

    1. Don’t beat yourself up – just look at all the amazing archaeological sights you have in Sicily. No wonder you haven’t got back to Pompeii yet! I’d love to do a post on the villa mosaics at Piazza Armerina for example – just need some great photos…

  2. Thanks Veronica – I might just take you up on that! I love the mosaics there, as vibrant as the day they were made, and your photos really do capture some of that magic.

  3. Hi Jules, Anne Williams suggested I have a look at your blog. I’m a friend of Anne’s from Oxford days. I started a blog in October last year and I’m writing about my travel experiences and observations (mostly in Europe and the Middle East). I saw the discussion on Pompeii, if you are heading down there again don’t miss Paestum. The Greek tomb paintings there – dating from about 400 BC are exceptional. It was such a surprise.

    As a new girl on the block with the writing I’d appreciate any advice from a ‘pro’………

    I’m Janet, by the way Janet Simmonds. My blog is
    My kids hate the name – they think it’s elitist but I’ve got quite a few American followers and they seem to like it……..

    1. Hi Janet, you are most welcome! How have I never heard of Paestum? Ignorance and a heavy Sicily bias I expect – I will rectify that one day, thanks for the tip. As for your blog name…I like it! I think it’s good to set your stall out right from the start, and while you may put some people off, I think you’ll attract many more because of your opinions and authority. And what do kids know anyhow…I look forward to reading your blog, especially more about Italy.

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