Summer reads – great book deals for July!

I’ve got two great deals if you’re stocking up your Kindle for your summer reads – and between them, you’ll be able to read every word I’ve ever written at a huge discount!

Not Cool – a Kindle Monthly Deal

I’m thrilled that Amazon selected Not Cool: Europe by Train in a Heatwave as a Kindle Monthly Deal, which means that for the whole of July it’s available in the UK and EU for just 0.99. Just search for the title on Amazon and follow my madcap journey through nine cities in nine countries in nine days!

Reading in the US, Canada, Australia and other territories? Not to worry, here’s the plan. Head over to my Facebook page and message me any time this month to say you’ve just bought any one of my books and I’ll send you a Kindle Not Cool for free.

Just comment on the pinned post @JulesBrownWriter

Born to Travel – the collected series

I’ve also got around to publishing my first collected series of books, Born to Travel, which gathers together my three memoirs – Don’t Eat the Puffin, Never Pack an Ice-Axe and the latest, Watch Out for Pirates. There are some extra chapters and bonus material in there too, and it’s a bargain price – available on Kindle for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99. Got some great new artwork done by my super designer Chris too!

I hope you find something you like – and be sure to get in touch and tell me where you’re heading next. I love to hear your travel stories too.

Have a great summer!

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