Pop-up travel writer!

Not pin-up. (You may say that. I couldn’t possibly comment.)


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The lost art of finding a cheap hotel room

It’s easy – in this age of TripAdvisor, smartphones and hotel comparison sites – to forget that booking a hotel room in a foreign land used to be a hazardous business.

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6 rules for finding a great local restaurant

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? All you want on your travels is a decent restaurant, where the food’s good, authentic and inexpensive – the kind of place the locals would eat. However, it’s not always so straightforward, and I should know – I’ve spent many years seeking out the best places to eat for my readers, […]

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Travel guidebooks and how to use them

Travel guidebooks are useful, insightful, helpful and informative – but they can also be infuriating, misleading, out of date and sometimes just plain wrong. I should know, I write them. So here’s an insider’s view on how to get the most out of your travel guide.

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